Happy Mother’s Day from Elements Acupuncture

A Chinese proverb says that if a mother is healthy and peaceful, her children and family will be strong. The best thing you can do for yourself AND your family is to get extra rest, love, and connection time. Easier said than done, right? Mothers who are at home during quarantine are facing the impossible: working, taking care of children, AND homeschooling all at the same time. We understand why superheroes don’t always wear capes.

Mother’s Day Tips

  • Do something that really provides nourishment today. Something that invigorates joy and laughter, and feeds your soul. Whether this is watching movies all day or breakfast in bed. You are a superwoman and deserve all the beauty, love, and zest that life has to give.
  • Take a nap- naps are like mini luxurious vacations. Moreover, they boost mood, alertness, and reduce mistakes and accidents. Napping can be mistakenly misconstrued as laziness. Classical Five Element Acupuncture recognizes the importance of rest. Our bodies need to recharge to work at optimal capacity.
  • Husbands and partners: give mom a free day. Bring her coffee, give her a back rub. Don’t let her lift a finger!
  • Take a vacation from any and all screens. Since COVID-19, we are really depending on our screens for work, entertainment, and connecting with friends and family. If possible, go hike in nature or walk around the neighborhood. Maybe have a picnic with the family in the front yard. Everyone, not just moms, needs a break from technology.
  • Sleep in- the benefits of sleep are endless. This is YOUR day to soak it in and have a lazy lie in quiet morning followed by squishy snuggles from the family. What more could a mama ask for?

To the women who are suffering from infertility or loss: facing this pain on Mother’s Day is even harder. I am sending all my love to you. Remember you are not alone, you are strong, and you are loved.

I see Mother’s Day as a day that celebrates all women, not only mothers; women who are expecting, aunties, sisters, and girlfriends. So many women have helped shape me into the person that I am today and I am eternally thankful for that. Most specifically, my mother and grandmother raised me and have a had a huge impact on my life. I don’t personally have any children but I am a mother to my fur babies. Let’s all come together on this special day and celebrate the special women who have made us who we are!

Happy Mother’s Day,


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My fur babies: Poppy, Daphne, and Tobias